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IPTV - Watch your favorite channels without freeze.

We only offer free channels and no encrypted channels (Pay TV).


 IPTV – Unser Hauptziel besteht darin, ausländischen Mitbürgern die Möglichkeit zu bieten,  ihre Heimatsender zu empfangen.

 IPTV - Why You should choose us


Erleben Sie eine reibungslose Unterhaltung mit IPTV-Sendern in HD- und Full HD-Qualität, ohne lästige Unterbrechungen.


Unser IPTV System unterstützt Platformen wie zB. MAG, Android, Linux, Dreamlink T1, Avov, Enigma 2, WebTV (Browser) und KODI.


Unser fundiertes Know-how von über 8 Jahren und die positive Resonanz von über 5000 zufriedenen Kunden unterstreichen unsere Qualität und Leistung.


Über unseren Live Chat und E-Mail können Sie uns 24 Std.  kontaktieren. Telefonisch oder über Whatsapp sind wir Mo-So 10-22 Uhr erreichbar.

Tel: +49 151 - 433 988 79


Our Data Center and over 15 high-performance servers ensure for best reception. No more freezing and stuttering.


Kontinuierliche Updates und Aktualisierungen gewährleisten ein Angebot, das stets auf dem neuesten Stand ist.

IPTV Subscription

Hochwertiges IPTV für Türkisch, Arabisch, Albanisch, Griechisch, Ex-Jugoslawisch, Bulgarisch und Rumänisch


Unser erstklassiges Produkt

MAG 540  (WIFI)



Mehr als 8 Jahre an Erfahrung und über 5000 zufriedene Kunden



24 Std Support über Chat und E-Mail

Kundenbetreuung per Tel und Whatsapp verfügbar

Supportzeiten Mo – So  10 a.m.-10 p.m.  

Tel: +49 151 - 433 988 79

mag 324 iptv box

If you have any questions, just call us !

Wenn Sie bereits ein IPTV-fähiges Gerät besitzen, haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit, nur die TV-Liste von uns zu erwerben.


Unsere Leistungen umfassen:


– Eine M3U-Liste für Smart TVs

– Ein Portal für Mag 322 / Mag 540  und weitere Modelle

– Ein Bouquet für Enigma2 Geräte (Dreambox, Gigablue und andere)

– Eine M3U-Liste für Android-Boxen (IPTV App. Kodi und andere)

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iptv LOGOS

How did we become KaanTV

At the end of 2012, my parents' private move was in full swing.
Like many others, they were no longer allowed to set up a satellite dish.
Not being able to receive any more Turkish channels was the end of the world for my parents.
After scouring the expensive offers from large providers who offer monthly subscriptions for a few channels,
I thought to myself: "There must be another option!"
That's how I came across IPTV.
I wanted to find something that was not too expensive and still of good quality.
After a lot of research and browsing the internet
I had the opportunity to read the countless offers to try. Unfortunately, however, they were far from satisfactory.
Failures and stuttering brought us to the edge of despair and in
the event of problems there was no contact.
At first I didn't find anything in question but after long deliberation I had a personal idea
how IPTV should be to be satisfied.
My vision was to use my creative and organizational skills
to design IPTV in such a way that it works like a satellite dish. I wanted to create
something that everyone can afford and that also runs as good as possible without any problems.
So I bought my first IPTV box to see if my plans could be implemented.
After weeks of tinkering and sleepless nights, I had come a little closer to my goal,
but still far from what I actually wanted to achieve.
The rented servers were programmed to upload the channels.
It took weeks until I had the first prototype ready to test.
And it worked! It still had a few disruptions here and there. But it worked!
A lot of time has passed since then and I have always pursued my target.
The experiences of the last years and constant improvements and quality controls
have us made what we are today.
Many had smiled at my idea and didn't believe in it
But now I can say:
                             WE have managed to offer customers something that is unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio.
Today we have our own data center, 15 servers and a super motivated team that works every day
is working to improve the quality and performance of our services
We wanted to share this happiness and have now become a large community with more than 5000 customers!
We thank everyone for their trust in us and look forward to every single new member of the community.
PS: I thank my parents for this meaningful inspiration that my design skills have awakened in me.

Client's Testimonials

Kaantv is one of the best service I’ve had the pleasure of using. Excellent Quality and customer support.
Mustafa Tekin

Purchased a 1 year subscription from KaanTV. Simple, clear instructions. Highly recommend. Top Seller
Ramiz Krasniqi

All channels working without buffer and reliable.
The service works well and I can recommend their services without hesitation.

Ali Charif Al Haj

Türkische IPTV, Arabische IPTV, Albanische IPTV, Bulgarische IPTV, ExYu IPTV, Griechische IPTV und Rumänische IPTV Sender.

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