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Set up IPTV - How to set up iptv on your device

IPTV Tutorial

If you have a IPTV capable device (Smart TV with iptv app, MAG, Firestick, Enigma2..) ,

you need only to purchase the TV list from us without the iptv box.

You will receive the m3u Link per mail from us.

Set up IPTV in 5 minutes - IPTV Tutorial

Smart IPTV set up

Smart iptv app

Smart iptv app

At first install the smart IPTV App on your Smart TV.

After opening the App, you will see the Mac adress.

Go to siptv.eu/mylist.

smart iptv einrichten

Set up iptv - Mac Address

1. First put in MAC field put the МАС address of your TV

2. In the URL add the m3u Link that you KaanTV from us.

3. Press the field Send

The channels will be uploaded automaticly.

Last restart the Application on your device.


logo ip tv

Net ip tv app installieren. How to install and setup net ip tv app

Setup net iptv

At first install the Net IPTV App on your Smart TV.

Open the net iptv application and you can see the MAC address , If not , navigate to info ( by pressing RED button usually )

Open the upload page via browser : http://netiptv.eu/Upload

how to set up the net iptv app

Enter your mac address in MAC / APP ID field

under UPLOAD m3U/URL row,

 After click to the i m not a robot captcha, select the button Add List (3)

App einstellen

App einstellen

Enter The m3u link you received from provider in URL1 (4) KaanTV field

Click Update List Done. Go to net IPTV app on your tv and press number 0 on remote control to reload list

Restart the Application on your device.



1. First open the TV General section of SS IPTV's settings.

get code ss iptv

get code ss iptv


1. First open the TV General section of SS IPTV's settings.

2. Press button Get Code.You need the code to connect your PC with your ss iptv app. 

3. Go to the website https://ss-iptv.com/en/users/playlist

Press now the Add Device button. Enter the code obtained on your TV and press Connect button.

set up ss iptv app

set up ss iptv app

SS IPTV einrichten – m3u upload

4.This will make full connection to your TV. Press External Playlist and ADD Item.

Enter The m3u link you received from KaanTV to the section Source 

ss iptv Liste hochladen

5. Reload your SS IPTV App and you can see the TV list. You will see your tv list. 

MAG 254 / 322 / 324 / 420

Please send us your Mac Adress from Mag

It start with 00:1A:79:

Click On Settings from the Main Menu and choose System Settings

After System Settings, now click on Servers and Portals


set up mag portal in 5 minute

After Portals, now you'll see 4 fields of Portal Name & URL. On section Portal1 add the portal from KaanTv that you received and save.

Reboot your device.

Enigma 2

First you need to download Putty and launch it

set up putty

Type the IP address of your iptv receiver and choose Telnet.

After adding your Username (root) and your password.

copy and past the IPTV Wget Script to putty that you get from kaantv KaanTV and press ENTER

IPTV link will be add automaticly and

you will find it in IPTV folder.


vlc player logoFirst download vlc media player.

Launch VLC media player and choose “Open Network Stream” under Media table.

Select Network and add the m3u Link that you received from KaanTV KaanTV field


Setup Kodi ion 5 minutes
Launch Kodi and select Settings and Addons.
Choose Install from repository and press PVR Clints. Scroll down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Kodi instellen

Kodi instellen

After installing PVR IPTV Simple Client click to the section Configure. Under General select M3U Play List URL.
Enter provided M3U URL from KaanTV and click OK.
Force close Kodi and re-open the app.
Wait for PVR Manager to start and channels to download. Now Installation is complete.