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Türk IPTV - Turkish TV Channels

You can buy the iptv channels with and without box.

TV Package with MAG 322 incl. WIFI Stick

Turk IPTV Box


The installation is very easy, because the channels and vods are preinstalled from us.

After you have connected the iptv box with HDMI Cable to your TV,

all you need to do is, to setup the internet for the iptv box. So is Mag 322 ready to go.

You can use our iptv box with ethernet cable or with WIFI.

Because Mag 322 is very user-friendly, so it is perfect for older people.

We send the iptv box with DHL shipping company.

turk iptv box

Turk IPTV Box Lieferumfang:

Set-Top-Box MAG 322 , WIFI Stick, HDMI cable, remote control, power adapter und batteries.


TV Package without device

Turk IPTV without Box

If you have IPTV capable device,

you need only to purchase the TV list from us without the iptv box.

Instructions how to add the KaanTV list on your device can be found here.

You will receive the m3u link by mail from us.

If you need another iptv format, please let us know which one you want.

Top Quality

IPTV - Watch your favorite channels without freeze.

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